Please ensure to meet your travel guide a night prior to the scheduled departure date at Dzimbahwe Lodge reception.

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Welcome to Exec Africa Travel and Tours where we make your stay and travel with us memorable. While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the properties listed in this dossier, these are to be used as a guideline only. We recommend that you download the most up to date version of this tour dossier one week prior to your tour departure date.

Taking part in an adventure tour in Africa involves covering hundreds or thousands of kilometers and our tours are as much about this journey as they are about the destinations we visit. Use your time during these drives to talk to your fellow travelers, have a drink and take note of the world passing by your window. During this tour all you need to do is to take your watch off, sit back and enjoy the exquisite landscape of Africa.

Hwange National Park

Clients are picked up from their hotels or lodges at 06:30am with packed breakfast from your hotel for the Hwange National Park full day trip from Victoria Falls. A drive commences starting from Victoria Falls through rural villages with traditional huts to view, rural hospitals, schools, churches and the highlight of the drive will be the Hwange Colliery which exports large amounts of coal across the world.

Upon arrival at Hwange Main Camp, you will get accustomed to the game drive by an experienced guide in a Game Drive vehicle. There are several water holes that are in the park that your guide will get close to in an attempt to catch the animals during their feeding time. Your guide will drive you through the park enabling you to see the animals from the top of the terrain. You will then get some time to eat your packed lunch.

As the sun’s heat cools down, most animals usually head for the water holes and in pursuit of game and that’s when you will continue with your game drive after lunch. After your second game drive, you will then be transferred back to your hotel in Victoria Falls and will arrive there around 18:00hrs.

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